Toko Moda is a 'techxtile' startup, a tech solution for the textile market.

By creating an “as close to touch” visual language through detailed images and descriptions, we aim to increase convenience within the industry.

The need for Toko Moda was found through a personal struggle of searching various stores for a specific type of fabric, and finding the same piece with different price tags in each store; through sitting in countless hours of traffic to purchase 5 more meters of something that had just been purchased yesterday; through not being able to search more than thirty stores in the fabric market in the one hour allocated to purchasing.

Toko Moda is a solution to the mess. Through low retail prices, clear categories, and various images constructed to help the customer understand the weight, texture and drape of the fabric, we’re here to save your time. 

Toko Moda’s vision is to reduce the hassle and confusion in the process of purchasing fabric and other goods required in the fashion industry.

Toko Moda’s mission is to provide a platform for clients to purchase textiles online through an “as close to touch” experience. Toko Moda aims to save the customer’s time; the time they would waste on traffic, and the time they would waste searching through multiple stores for a fabric type, and comparing their prices. We aim to reduce confusion by offering low retail prices, by creating clear categories, tags and detailed images that help customers understand the texture, weight and color of the textile, as well as allowing customers to order swatches before finalising their fabric purchase.

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